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May 11 2023: Identifying priorities in Open Science

Imagining the future of Open Science in Flanders together

A joint initiative of the Flemish research data network (FRDN), the Flemish Open Science board (FOSB) and EWI

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Read the results of the Network Day here 

Inside this comprehensive report, you'll find all the results and highlights from our interactive event held on the 11th of May 2023. Explore the collaborative content, brainstorms sessions and feedback that were shared during and after the Network Day.


What developments are necessary in the Open Science movement to fulfill its promise of higher quality research? Which incentives do we need to keep Flanders up to speed with international developments? How can we enable researchers to disseminate different types of (FAIR) research output? What are the limitations of open science? These and many more pressing questions concerning Open Science reveal the need for setting clear priorities in Flanders. 

For who

We invite both researchers, research support staff and other professionals that are directly or indirectly involved in Open Science. We aim to welcome a wide variety of stakeholders with an interest in Open Science. As a  researcher, it does not matter whether you just started a research career or you are a senior professor. If you work as  research support staff, we hope to welcome policy makers, funders, data stewards, project managers, IT and technical oriented personnel, HR, valorisation, legal officers,... Finally, we also invite professionals from other domains than science (industry, governance,...) that are also familiar with data governance and sharing. 

Program and topics

Instead of showcasing the results made by the network for the past couple of years through plenary sessions and presentations, we want to grasp this opportunity and find out what our network should focus on in the next policy period. Using the technique of appreciative inquiry we start the day by discovering initiatives, good practices and our Flemish achievements in Open Science. Next, participants will gather in smaller groups for round table discussions based on specific burning topics within Open Science. In consecutive rounds, participants discuss different topics, aiming to define priorities relevant to all stakeholder groups. 

The event will start at 9:30 until 16:30. Afterwards you are invited to our reception.


Are You Using New Data Or Secondary Data

The discussion topics.

During the day, you can discover and discuss different Open Science topics. Find a list of the topics and our dream statements below.

10 Topics Networkday (5)


We need your insights and vision on the policy of Open Science in Flanders. Therefore, we invite you to the event “Imagining the future of Open Science together” on May 11 @Hal 5.  In a collaborative exercise, different types of stakeholders will be able to discuss and prioritize the most pressing themes in Open Science today while connecting and networking with like minded people from different backgrounds and institutions. The output of this day will be delivered to the Flemish government as input for policy making for 2024-2029. 


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