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Mission and Vision

The FRDN supports individual institutions in implementing the Open Science policy of the Flemish government and fosters connections with international initiatives, including the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

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Our figure embodies our vision and mission: to accelerate research impact through Open Science in Flemish research institutions. It illustrates a dynamic network of collaboration, enabling the exchange and reuse of FAIR and open research (meta)data, while fostering peer learning among researchers through our support system. The interconnected building blocks symbolize the foundation for interchangeable and reusable research data, empowering researchers and enhancing research integrity and efficiency.

'Enabling Open Science for All'

  • The Flemish Research Data Network (FRDN) is dedicated to 'Enabling Open Science for All' by developing user-friendly tools and systems. Our mission is to empower researchers, making it easy for them to share and use research data. This not only benefits individual researchers but also contributes to the overall quality of research and accelerates innovation in society.

    Our mission

    As a network and community of research data professionals, we support Flemish research institutions in adopting the (Flemish) Open Science policy. The FRDN takes the lead in coordinating and fostering peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and co-creation. We actively work towards creating the necessary conditions for making research (meta)data easily interchangeable and reusable, promoting accessibility and collaboration in the research community. During this process, we support research organisations and their researchers in implementing Open Science practices, providing valuable input for policymakers to facilitate and enhance the adoption of Open Science principles.

    Our Vision

    By uniting efforts and collaboratively constructing the essential components of Open Science, we empower Flemish research institutions to facilitate the exchange and reuse of FAIR and/or open research (meta)data. This commitment enhances the integrity, quality, and efficiency of research, ultimately accelerating the impact and innovation of research outcomes in society.


    In pursuit of our mission, the FRDN's working groups and project teams strive to align with international,  including EOSC, UNESCO, the European Commission, as well as regional and national initiatives in Flanders and Belgium. These collaborations contribute to the promotion of Open Science by offering policy recommendations, supporting infrastructure development, and establishing standards for researchers and research institutions.

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