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The Knowledge Hub: a Research Data Management Community

Our Research Data Management (RDM) community brings together data stewards from Flemish research performing organizations within our network. Learn more about how it works and how you can join.

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The Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a self-learning community where data stewards, RDM support staff and data professionals with an interest in RDM can come together, share information and resources on RDM as well as open and FAIR data. Launched by FRDN in February 2021, it aims to bring together domain-specific expertise of different organizations to create a Knowledge Hub that supports all researchers.

Knowledge Hub members who are actively thinking about the future of OS

Basecamp platform

The Knowledge Hub uses Basecamp as an informal communication and interaction platform. This online tool allows you to connect with other members of the Knowledge Hub en share information, resources, questions or ideas and promote RDM related events or trainings. Basecamp is a closed platform, but we encourage RDM enthousiasts to contact us to gain access to the online space. 

Lunch seminars

A dedicated Program Committee, which consists of research data professionals from various research organizations, is responsible for organizing monthly lunch seminars. These seminars are organized online and the topics are based on bottom-up suggestions from the community. Past topics included e.g. encryption, electronic lab notebooks, research software management, metadata and much more.

Each lunch seminar is followed by a blog that focuses on the highlights of the seminar.

If you want to join one of our future lunch seminars, you can become a member of the community on the Basecamp platform.


The Knowledge Hub blog is available to you every two weeks on our FRDN website. Our blog covers a wide range of topics and perspectives from our community. Please remember that our content is community-driven. If you'd like to share your stories, experiences, or any other form of content, please don't hesitate to send it to us. We'll be delighted to consider featuring your contributions here!


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