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Guided by a strong strategy, the FRDN steers its governance and activities in order to fulfill its mission.

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Our strategy revolves around three core pillars: Infrastructure, Policy and Its Implementation, and People. In Infrastructure, dedicated research institutes lead the charge in technology and ecosystem development, fostering collaboration and seamless data exchange. Policy and Its Implementation guides our journey with evidence-based practices, refining policies and tools collaboratively. Finally, People are at the forefront, cultivating a vibrant community of RDM practitioners and maintaining a transparent professional network. Each pillar propels FRDN's mission to enable Open Science for all, creating a dynamic and impactful research landscape. Dive into our strategy to explore how we're shaping the future of research in Flanders.


Strategy is built upon 3 pillars: Infrastructure, Policy and People



Building on our mission and vision, FRDN outlined four strategic goals for their policy plan 2022-2024:

  1. Designing Ecosystems for Research Data: Creating optimal conditions for researchers to publish, exchange, and reuse FAIR (meta)data by focusing on matchmaking tools, metadata optimization, and sharing discipline-specific data repositories.

  2. Fostering Cultural Shift in Research Assessment: Collaborating to recognize and raise awareness of Open Science in research assessment, emphasizing the importance of FAIR (meta)data principles in all research outputs.

  3. Professional Network Organization: Further developing FRDN as a professional network organization to connect research institutions, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation through participative governance.

  4. Knowledge Hub Development: Strengthening the Knowledge Hub as a community of research data professionals, facilitating cross-institutional exchange, peer-to-peer learning, and knowledge sharing.

At FRDN, we are committed to shaping the future of research data, driving a cultural shift in research practices, and building a collaborative ecosystem that transcends organizational boundaries.


At FRDN, our strategic goals translate into tangible deliverables that contribute to the advancement of Open Science and research data excellence. Explore the outcomes of our commitment to designing ecosystems for research data, fostering a cultural shift in research assessment, developing a professional network organization, and enhancing the Knowledge Hub. These deliverables reflect our dedication to shaping the future of research.

Our Values

The governance and activities of the FRDN are guided by a set of core values, which result from a participatory process, involving all members of the network.

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Professional and reflective

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Collaborative and responsive

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Inclusive and complementary

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Open and transparant

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Innovative and research-oriented

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