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Call for researchers with data reuse story

The Flemish Research Data Network (FRDN) is organizing an Open Science Network Day on May 11th, 2023 (Hal 5, Leuven) titled "Imagining the future of Open Science in Flanders together".
For a session on Data Reuse, we are looking for researchers who want to share their own Data Reuse stories via short video testimonials (1-3 min.).

Data reuse is crucial to enable different researchers to analyse and publish findings based on the same data independently from one another. Reuse of data requires that the data are described with sufficient metadata, are available in open source formats, and have adequate open license and documentation attached.

Researchers are asked to make a short video that addresses the following questions:

  • Who? Introduce yourself and your current or most recent institutional affiliation. 
  • What? What data was shared and/or reused?  
  • Where? Where was it shared or where was it accessed from? 
  • How? Specific elements related to data reuse such as metadata standards, FAIRness of the data, and any specific documentation - codebooks/readme files or raw data. 
  • Benefits? What did the researcher gain from data reuse such as job opportunities, visibility, citations, or recognition?  

We encourage all researchers who wish to share their stories to include a QR code at the end of their video that leads to either their ORCID page, personal online repository page, or current institutional affiliation page. Furthermore, researchers can join the activities of the Network Day themselves as participants.   

For participation contact:
Click here to register for the FRDN Open Science Network Day. 

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